Dinamik Tattoo


Our story begins with one of providence. To paint a clear picture of why Dinamik Tattoo is what it is today, we cannot simply start with the beginning of Dinamik. The beginning starts with one person that was used to take a vision of tattooing and community and make them coalesce. In 1996 Chris Burnett began tattooing and embarking on a journey that he would have never dreamed would bring him where he is today. From highs and lows and the definite pitfalls of a career in the tattoo industry, Chris Burnett would endure it all for his love of Art and people. With a steady diet of various tattoo shops, conventions and everything in between, Chris would begin to sharpen his abilities in various forms of tattooing, all the while developing an unmatched and unique ability to connect with his clients. In 2006 his career would delve deeper as Mike Demasi, owner of Art Junkies offered him a position that would further his talent and establish his name among many of the great tattoo artist in the industry today.

As success came, so did a lot of the ups and downs and eventually, Chris found himself at a crossroads. Between a growing family and the party life style, much of what Chris loved about the career he had was now becoming a hindrance to the quality of life he needed. After six years, Chris left Art Junkies set to never tattoo again. Or so he thought. Much to his surprise his plans of quitting were met with divine intervention and once again Chris was thrust back into the career he thought he was ready to forsake. In 2013 Chris would open his own shop in the city of Hesperia. A new venture, a new vision and a renewed focus were now on the horizon. The mission and goal now was not just to do a professional tattoo but as well reach, challenge and impact the community, one heart at a time.

As time passed, Chris would tackle the challenge of owner, manager, husband and father all while looking to give fellow artist an opportunity they never got. It wasn't just about a talent in art or tattooing. More importantly Chris looked for individuals that he saw a little of himself in. Those that were not only hungry for a successful career in tattooing but those who were hungry for a change in their perspective of living life. “Always be teachable” he will always say. So it is for that reason that Chris has always been an individual that pushes for growth and embraces change.

All of what you have read is still just a small glimpse into the story that has built the shop you are reading about. The words on this page cannot take you into the individual heart of each artist that has come to be apart of the Dinamik Tattoo. Everyone here has a story that pieces together the vision that Chris Burnett had years ago. Many have come and gone in the process and it is true that each sacrifice in the past echoes into the present. Dinamik Tattoos goal is to reach beyond the boundaries of art and tattooing and be a force that stimulates a change. A force that draws a community of people in and invites them to be apart of something. In 1996 tattooing bridged the gap with Chris Burnett. In 2015, Chris Burnett through Dinamik Tattoo returns the favor and bridges the gap back to you